Friday, May 4, 2012

Save the {Adoption} Tax Credit


So, the last few years, there has been a tax credit that allows a lot of families to get back some of what they end up spending in government and agency fees when they are adopting.

I would like to say up front that I am not the most tax savvy or know-it-all in politics. But, I do know that a lot of families have been able to afford adoption by taking out loans on their home or through the amazing Lifesong or Abba Fund knowing they could get that money back eventually.

I just saw a post come up from a family that is attending the Orphan Alliance Summit at Saddleback this weekend. Please read her post and see how you can support us.

She makes a great point, not everyone is called to adopt; but most everyone does care about orphans. This is one way to help.

Please take a minute to read this. If it changes next year, it will favor only domestic adoption or special needs children.

Here is Karen's Post!

Thanks, Karen, for taking the time to post this information.

Here are some of  her action step links. I am completely quoting her right here. I did not write this next paragraph.

"Share.  Please blog about this.  Tweet it.  Share it on Facebook. Email it to your friends.  Share it on group chat boards.  Do not stop sharing about it until the law is passed and the tax credit is SAVED.  Share this article from Reuters.  Share this additional article.  Visit and pass on the link:"

Sidebar::: Just a Thought

Also, I don't want to get super political or controversial. Children in the US who are in the Foster System are supported at least to some level and guaranteed care. Families are paid to care for them by the government. Yet, when a child is adopted, the cost relies 100% on the family adopting. Again, I know I could have opened a can of worms. I just think that is interesting thought and one that allows me to support asking to keep the tax credit. I am not advocating for not paying those families. However, I do believe that if the Church (as a whole) stepped in to take care of the US Foster issue that there would not be a need for social services to be paying families to care for children. But, again, please here me, I am not  bashing that system or the parents who are paid to take care of children that they might not have been able to care for without the extra funds. Foster families make a zillion sacrifices. I am only making a case for why it would be nice to also have support for families who will adopt a child and commit to take care of them forever since there is ongoing support for kids in the foster care system.

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