Sunday, May 13, 2012

Give-a-away Fundraiser:: {Winners & Updates}

Thank you! I don't think we know how to say this enough.

{Total Raised in One Month:: $4000}

Our goal was to raise $2500 during this time. But, the number in my heart was really $4,000. And guess what! We raised $4,000!
I knew that is what we needed to pay off immigration fees and our last two agency fees. And y'all helped us get there. We now will have several months before we need to worry about the next fees being due. 

Travis and I continually talk about the fact that it would have been great to just pay for all of this on our; but that's not our path right now. And we are also know that we are so grateful for the experience of fundraising. At the beginning it was hard, and it's still crazy to see money be donated.  I know that sounds crazy; but during this process, we have been able to experience the generosity and grace of God in the most incredible ways. We are so inspired to be as generous as all of you are!

We also had no idea that raising funds for one child would open so many doors to conversation and community about orphan care, foster care or adoption. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for each prayer, email, post and dollar that was invested in the last month. 

{Naptime Diaries Shop last Friday}.

To those of you who shopped with Jessi at Naptime Diaries on Friday! You raised $400 for us! 

$400, people!
And I am just so excited that y'all will have her prints with the Word in your homes. If you missed this post, please continue to shop at Jessi's store on etsy. She is continually adding new prints. She even has a deal of 15 prints for $95 which make a wonderful stash of last minute gifts to have on hand. Thank you, Jessi & Nick. I know you are printing and packing and shipping. Thank you for sharing your shop with us. 


1st place::  American Girl Doll::
Jeff Davoud
{Travis' traveling soccer team buddy from jr high/high school days}

2nd place::  Jesus Storybook Bible w/ DVD/ Curriculum
Jamie & Wes Koch {let us know your choice!}
{Sweet long time Charleston/Seacoast friends!}
Thank you, Sam for the donated copy of this! 

3rd place:: $150 Gift Certificate to Arbonne {yay!}
Lindsey Reffeitt
{One of my college roommates!}
Thank you, Sandra Connell, for the amazing donation! 


Here is the kicker. I sent Jeff a message this morning to ask him what his choice of prize was since he was first place. Here is Jeff's response:

"That is awesome. I know just the little girl who would love the doll. Her name is Mia Rashkind. Could you please mail it directly to her......"

So, the real winner of the give-a-way is this precious little girl who is battling neurofibromatosis.  NF is a genetic disorder of the nervous system, which causes tumors to grow on a nerve anywhere in the body, at any time. NF is unpredictable and has varying degrees of severity. She has a goal of reaching a million fans on FB.

Become a Fan of Mia here

I am so excited that Jeff is blessing us and we get to know ship something to her from him. 

What a Joy! 

So, thank you for being a part of this. My heart is just bursting continually. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Note: I drew the names through the last night, after each person had been assigned numbers based on how many entries they had for the give-a-way.

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