Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Romans 8: {Let's Memorize a Chapter!}

So, I've been reading over Romans 8 lately. Well, almost every morning. A few weeks ago, I felt God nudging me to memorize the chapter. So, I thought I'd start by writing it out, etc. Then I got busy and forgot about committing to memorize it. But, I kept reading it. I believe I could read it every day for the rest of my life and barely wrap my head around it. So much power in the Word of God!

After our Together for Adoption boot camp weekend, where we spent a lot of time studying this passage, I realized that this is some essential doctrine that I can not get enough of. Now, I know there is no one magical chapter in the Bible. But, there are seasons when a certain verse or passage is something you meditate on and need to digest more deeply.

So, this morning, I felt led to send a tweet and facebook post about memorizing it. I was pretty sure I could do this with a group of people. Not all on my own.

And, wow, y'all were on it! My notifications blew up like crazy all before 9 am! Austin's preschool director even stopped by car in the carpool line and told me she saw the post and really needed it. She asked if we were really going to try to memorize it. So, here's the deal. My "idea" was not anything genius, y'all are straight up hungry for the Word. As I was editing this, my friend just text me and said she was reading Romans 8:15-29 today and thought of me.

And to that, I say YES! Let's do it! Obviously, God is moving several of us to this passage right now, so let's not miss this!

{Initial Thoughts}:

Here is what I want this little journey and challenge to be:
Just enough accountability to keep us moving
Goals that are realistic and not discouraging
Exploration of a variety of ways to memorize scirpture: notecards, writing, songs, scripture doodles, etc
Focus on the Word and it's power to sustain us!

What I don't want to happen:
Anyone to feel discouraged at the pace being too fast or too slow
Anyone to give up because the systems isn't working for them
Anyone to forget that this is the WORD of GOD and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us!

{Memorization Prep}:
So, while I hammer out a good little loosely gracious and motivating structure for us... I am leaning toward 1-3 verses a week is better for the posting series? Or as the text breaks down. I saw one post that does it in 40 days, is that too intense for us?

Shall we start by reading Romans 8 daily? Pick your version, too and stick with it.

(I'm sort of an ESV/NASB girl. Kay Arthur has had me in the NASB since 1992. And I love the ESV because I trust the theologians that are using it today for accuracy in areas that I have no knowledge of. But, that wasn't an open forum for discussing versions. Just pick the legit one that you know you'll learn the best.)

Pray for the ability to focus and memorizing in distracted over worked brains!

Decide if you think you'll do better with notecards or a notebook or by doodling or check out the other ideas below.

{More Ideas}

Get Creative with Scripture Doodling

Also, check out Scripture Doodle which is the brain child of April Knight. She is a worship artist and friend. 
Every time I see April I want to hug her and want her to rub off on me...somehow...and in any way possible! She has been using Scripture Doodle to encourage meditation and worship of scripture. I'm already pretty sure my way to memorize will include notecards & a doodle book for each verse! If you are on twitter or facebook, you can also link up with Scripture doodle, too. 

Memory Box

Check out Shannon Jeffries post on how to do this. I love Shannon. Such an amazing heart. Before I resigned from my crazy wedding director job, I got to coordinate this amazing girl's wedding. What a sweet family! Check out her post here!

Music & More Tools:

I googled Memorize Romans 8, and look what I found:
Check out the tools here:
Printable flash cards in several versions.
You can follow Romans8 Movement on Twitter . I am trying to find out if they did the entire chapter or not. I don't think they finished it. But, somebody has to have a good version that isn't horribly cheesy out there, right?

Scripture Typer
Audio from You Version or Bible Gateway
This guy's You Tube Song and his second You Tube Songs for 28-39.
{Dig a Little Deeper}:

Study the Word!
Google or search through John Piper's transcripts for messages or writings on Romans if you want to learn more

I'm going to try to check out our friend Shawn Wood's mesages on Romans 8. If you want to join me, click on this link: . When you get to that page, click on Listen to Sermons at top. Scroll to 1/291/12 and series VIII. There are 5 sermons on there on this chapter. And if by any chance you live in the North are of Charleston and need a church, you need to check out Freedom Church led by our friends Connie and Shawn Wood!

All right, I'll be back on Monday, May 7th to officially kick us off. Post ideas here or on my FB page in the mean time. 

Or you know, start memorizing and get a head.

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