Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 3 with Meili Joy

The only thing our agenda on our 3rd day with her was to go to the police station for passports. Again, we thought this would be a lot of down time; but we were tired. So, we all took our time getting up. Had another breakfast downstairs, and hung out in the room.

We took a walk through the "Gardens" of the Garden Hotel. Meili Joy liked these and we let her ride in the stroller. She really likes to go. She gets super excited when she sees me getting my shoes. She grabs her shoes and tries to put them on. Then when we are ready to go, she baby babbles at me and gets behind me and pushes me. She runs to the elevators and squeals when she hears the bell sound of the elevator arriving.

We have to hang onto her downstairs, the lobby is very busy and she wants to run around. We have been doing big breakfasts and sort of skipping lunches.

We did do some walking. We tried to find the grocery store again. We missed it; but ended up at Starbucks for green tea frappuccinos because she fell asleep in the carrier on me. Then, we went and found a cute dress in a boutique for me. Well, a shirt for me. It's a dress for most people here.

At 3pm, we all loaded up and headed to the police station. We had our passports on us. Our guide had us do everything in order. They took a photo of MJ and we weren't allowed to take photos in the building. We had to wait til 3 pm because that's how long our paperwork from the day before takes to process through the system, etc.

Our guide took us down anoter street, out the the other side of our hotel where the pharmacy is. She showed us a few stores and we found out the Cow and Bridge restaurant had opened here in GZ. Our friends had told us that this was a great restaurant for Thai food. We went with another couple who is from Greenwood, SC. This is their 2nd adoption, so they are pros. MJ threw a crazy tantrum before we went in. I was so scared that someone was going to take her from me. And both our kids were just crazy in the restaurant. But, maybe the fact that I forgot my "I'm allergic to lemongrass" card at home started the evening off great. The waitress literally called someone who spoke English and he talked to me. They brought out a stalk of what looked like celery; but they thought was lemongrass and put it on the table to show me. Anyhow, it was very funny. The couple we were with had great fun with us. I think everyone was glad when we left.

Prayer requests: sleeping. We want to do everything we can to help her sleep well and the best way she can feels safe and secure. However, we've found out she most likely is used to going to sleep on someone while they are standing up. And neither of our backs are doing well standing and holding her (in dead weight) for 30-120 minutes. So, we are really praying for wisdom on how to help her and not frustrate her at all; but also what we can physically sustain.

We will visit her orphanage on Friday AM (Thursday night your time). Please pray for this.

And keep praying for our boys, our health, our travel group, etc. We know that she's doing very well right now; but we are being very cautious and trying to trust the guides, our agency, and cotinuously rely on God's wisdom and strength.

But, y'all this little girl is amazing!!!!! We can't wait to get her home to meet her brothers. We know they are going to love her and she is going to be so excited to have them (well, at least she will be eventually).

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