Friday, January 13, 2012

Here we go!

Welcome, to our new blog! I've moved from Acrylic Nails at over here to Bamboo & Pluff Mud for our adoption journey!

If you don't know what pluff mud is, that's okay. It's the sort of stinky marsh mud that smells a bit like rotten eggs. I guess I could have picked something like "ocean breeze". But, truly, I find myself smiling almost every time I smell the pluff mud becuase it's unique to the South and to me it's unique to our home of almost a dozen years here in the Charleston area.

Maybe I just have an odd affinity for weird smells.

Not really; but every area that Travis and I have lived in has had its own stinky odd smell. I do actually miss the midwestern summer breezes that brought the farm smells of cows across the green flat land. And Travis always comments that he misses having skunks around and makes a big deal out of smelling one when we travel to the mountains. So, I guess the pluff mud is like cow is to the country and skunk is to the mountains.

So, I had not really planned to dissect our family that much from the title. I really just thought it sounded catchy and cute.

But, thanks for reading.

Sidebar: I hope you will subscribe because we might eventually lock the blog or add some security as we get closer to our travel and dossier date.

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