Wednesday, September 18, 2013

{Pre-order} Rooted Pendant & Nest Sale

The most popular combination seems to be the Tealish Turquoise Rooted Pendant and the Silver & Pearls nest. So, let's have a pre-order sale to get a jump start on Christmas shopping.

I've launched by Storenvy site, too; and I hope this will help simplify the ordering system. Hop on over and check it out! You can always access this store link from this blog or my Facebook page or Instagram account! I've listed 20 items in this combination. I'll be shipping the first 10 by October 1st and the 2nd batch around October 10th. I'm leaving a little window in the shop schedule for when I'm attending and *working* the amazing Together for Adoption conference.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Advent & Miss Ann Voskamp

In the winter of 2010, before we began our adoption journey, when Justus was about 2 months old, we began our Advent Journey. The hustle and bustle of Christmas had taking it's toll. I'll spare you the details; but I was becoming a Scrouge. Discovering the focus of Advent was an amazing gift to my heart and to our family and we are so grateful to get to share that with our friends. 

The baby that was 2 months old will be turning 3 years old in just a few weeks. So, we prepare for Advent 2013 and our first year to celebrate as a family of five! The other day as I was rummaging in our garage cabinet, I caught a glimpse of the vase for my modge podge Jesse Tree. The broken tree limbs shoved into frosted glass brought a silent peace to my heart.

Days ago, I pulled out some of my favorite Advent books and began to think about the November Advent Worshop. I began to think and pray for the Momma's coming and the families who are a seeking and telling the true redemptive narrative in the only real Story that goes beyond just Bethlehem nativities with a dash of Walmart Santa.

Photo from Holy Experience Blog
And then just today I finally had time to open my email, and something beautiful arrived in my email box from precious Ann Voskamp's blog. I consider one of my "top influencers" if this was a Klout page. She was..sharing about her book dedicated solely to Advent....So, yes, my copy of The Greatest Gift is on it's way; and yes I hope to share it more and more with those of you who will begin to prepare for Advent in November. I hope you'll order it, too! I'm sharing a link right here and it'll be on the side of my blog with my little Amazon deal.

I'm only slightly excited!

Here's the link to buy it now. I'll be adding some of my other favorite Advent Books to a post soon as well!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What will you tell them about their roots?

I remember someone innocently asking us what would we tell our daughter about "her roots". The question began to churn. I realized that wasn't just a question for my daughter; but it was one for all my children. What will we tell them? Will their story begin with His story? Will we pray that their lives go beyond the top soil and into the nutrient rich earth? And for us, will will we ask for the Grace to dig deeper into the Gospel's Story that began with a promise of a Messiah out of the Root of Jesse? So, just what will we tell them about their roots?