Adoption Timeline

Mini Timeline:
6/26   DTC 
7/6     LID
10/30 Referral
10/31 LOI
11/6    PA
12/17  LOA
1/4      800 approval 1/4
1/15    Cabled/NVC
2/19    CA  *had a major wait for CA due to consulate being closed for Chinese New Year
3/4      Left for NYC
3/6      Arrived in Hong Kong
3/8      Meili Joy Day
3/19    Consulate Appt
3/20    Arrive in US

1/4     Called & found out we were approved
1/11   800 at NVC
1/14   800 sent to Embassy
1/15   PDF received/ Cabled

12/17  Received LOA
12/18  Submitted 800
12/21  800 Receipt

November 7, 2012- Pre-Approval, now waiting for LOA

Oct 31, 2012- LOI submitted
Oct 30, 2012- Referral accepted
Fundraising is at 25,000 raised.
Journey Together at Love & Respect Marriage Conference
Referral came randomly for a 10 month old as a special focus more severe need

Together for Adoption Conference
Shared List out- no referral
Requested one file for review, sadly did not feel we'd be the best parents for this child.

Lots of beach and sun and fun with our boys
Last week of August- Shared list out, no referral

July 2012-
July 27- Shared List, no referral
July 6:: LID Logged in to the CCCWA system for a referral
July 3:: Medical Opennes Phone Call to review our form with Lifeline

 June 2012-

June 25:: DTC Dossier to China, phone call came from Angie Rylands
June 4:: Notice of the CIS 797 form (approval of the I-800A) arrived in the mail.
Had a dance party with Austin!
June 4:: Lifeline submitted our forms for authentication w/ copy of our I-800A
June 9: Jessica finally mails the last set of photos for our dossier Lifeline

May 2012-
Homestudy and I-800A were submitted and received on May 1 at the ISCIS lockbox
Give-a-way Winnders announced on May 14 after raising over $4,000 in a month
Checks for 3rd & 4th agency fees were mailed: Total was $3800
Check for Immigration fee was sent $890
Check for Dossier Submission was sent $1190
All other Dossier Paperwork was sent to Lifeline:: new medical reports, copies of passports, new birth certificate & marriage licensce certificates, etc.
May 31:: I-800A approved in a record 30 days!

April 2012-
 Raised approx $1225 to date from fundraising. Updated the "goal" on 4/10
Attended Together for Adoption Boot Camp with Angie Rylands, Sharon Lyon, John and Elizabeth Morgan
Started the American Girl Doll, Arbonne & JSB Storybook Bible DVD give-a-way
Found out our homestudy had been sitting in the mail room at DSS offices in Columbia.
Took approximately a month for it to be processed

 March 2012-

Fundraising:  Bird's Nest Necklaces are the big hit right now: Probably sold over 100 of them at this point.

*Mailed off passport renewal applications: $280
*Filled out paperwork for I-800A & check is ready for $890
*Submitted final homestudy (that took a month of back/forth finalizing between agencies) to DSS w/ check for $225
*Mailed in payment to Lifeline for agency fees: $1190
 *Started step one of application for Grants

February 2012

Journey Together Oyster Roast: Feb 25

Hosted House Conference with Together for Adoption: Dan Cruver on Feb 13
*Working on last 5-10 hours of training: reading Connected Child and Adoption Parenting

Completed IAC 9 Hours of Training
Completed Addition Assesments for Lifeline
Research forms:  China, International Adoption Clinic of MUSC, and other resources
FBI Clearance came in on February 17
FBI Clearance to our agency on Feb 21 (no mail on the 20th)
Signed more forms for Homestudy
Homestudy is in final review stages as we finish last few hours of training
Paid Post Adopt fee of $900 to CAS

Financial Update:
Fundraising by my friends raised over $800 in about one week!
Spent approximately $6300 to date (2/20)
Raised/Saved approximately $10,000 to date (2/20)
Next Fees Due at end of February: $2900
Next Fees Misc Coming up: $1000 (approx)
$2000 to Agency, $900 to Immigration for I-800A, Additional Fees for paperwork, document fees, mailing, shipping and fundraising supplies will be approximately $400, Passport Fees $300, All kinds of extra $50 here and there fees.

January 2011- Hague Training Complete (online) 10 hours for both Travis & Jessica
Homestudy interviews almost finished.
Training Fees & Assesments Total Paid: $500
Training Books: $50
Additional Fundraising Supplies: Spent approximately $300 total
Agency fee to Lifeline: $2000

Waiting on DSS, FBI, etc clearances to come back

December 2011- Applications in to Lifeline & Carolina Adoption (for our homestudy).
Paid Approximately $600 in fees for application and paperwork
Paid Homestudy Fees of $2200

November 6- Orphan Sunday Picnic with Journey Together Adoption Community

November 2011- Gut feeling we need to switch programs and agencies.  

October 2011- Travis & Jessica travel to Phoenix, AZ for National Together for Adoption Conference by winning the tickets online through a blog contest from Lifesong. Amazing! Start fundraising: Massive garage sale & the headbands by Joy extravaganza began and Stacie's sugar scrub. Raised/Saved about $6000 during that time. Started accounts with 147 Million Orphans as fundraisers after meeting them in AZ. Set up account with Just Love Coffee as well for fundraising.

September 2011- Travis & Jessica start application process with Agency #1.

August 2011- Travis & Jessica attend Pure Religion Adoption Conference in Cary, NC where Dan Cruver & Tony Merida are speaking. Get to meet adopted kids and several ministries, etc.
Leave hoping they can attend Together For Adoption in October.

June-August 2011- Travis & Jessica start researching countries and programs and agencies. Also read Reclaiming Adoption by Dan Cruver, Orphanology by Rick Morton & Tony Merida, Adopted for Life by Russel Moore (whoa!)

Spring 2000- Travis & Jessica meet at sales training. They both realize they hope to grow their family through adoption and biological children someday.

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