Monday, January 23, 2012

Chosen: Fundraising

So, since this is our adoption blog, I'll stick with adoption updates.But, I really am still bursting at the seams from all that God is doing in my own life and in the lives of hundreds of women as a result of the time at the women's conference this last weekend. I know it sounds like a bunch of hype. But, I am not sure I've ever stood in a conference and been so fully aware of God's presence and been able to visually see his work in countless women's lives. I'm going to sound super charismatic if I continue on... I'll save that for another post. And I could go on and on about how exciting it is that A21Carolinas is launching, etc. etc.

Ironically, every single speaker, starting with our pastor, related in some way to the conversation of vertical adoption. Of course, I was falling off my chair excited since helping other's more fully grasp their identity through their vertical adoption in Christ is a huge passion for Travis and I.

Anyhow, I'm so grateful to the Chosen ladies for letting me have some of my crafty-stuff in the boutique. The ladies did an amazing job of designing it. A couple days before the conference, my sweet friend Tiffany, told me that she was bringing some of her gorgeous scarves/gloves/heabands for me to sell for our fund.

So, I had the coaster/tile art; Uganda beads (and Helen Lee even talked about Katie Davis in her message!); silver bird necklaces; my cabochon earrings/bobby pins; hair/pin accessories; and the big debut of my bird's next hemp chain necklaces. I think my profit was $750. God is so good! I prayed over everything on the table the day before. I was writing down my inventory list, and very timidly hoped for $800 in sales. My sales was $883!

I also posted some of these items on facebook as I was making them and had about 5 different people request some of the items, too.

So, in the last week, I've been able to add about $1000.00 to our fund through all of this and some other donations. I still have the other orders for bird's nest necklaces and other items, too from the conference and other friends!

Right now, our next large amount due is estimated to be $3300 to $3400.  Here is the breakdown. Our agency fee is $2000 due with our final homestudy, immigration fee of $900, and another certification fee of $200, and a few other random fees for processing and documents that will probably be about $200-$300.  Right now, my bank account is showing $2937.00, $3,210.00. Not bad!

I do really appreciate that Lifeline gave me the breakdown, and sort of lump our fees into lump sums due at certain times.

 A few of you have asked about the cost. Here is a rough overview:
Application Fees: $250-$500
Homestudy Fees: $2000
Agency Fees (including lots of the processing fees, immigration, etc): approx $10-12, 000
Additional document and processing fees: $3000 (reading over this list is crazy how much things add up for $100 for this or that document or $50 for this fee here or there, etc.)
Orphanage/Country Fees: Approx $5000-$6000
Travel: Flights/In Country Travel: Approx $5000-$7000

Grand Total: $26,000-$31,000

Next up on our process:
Finish another online training course
Request records from Vital Check, can't be requested until a certain time, so they don't expire
Wait for final clearances and documents/referrals to come in for our homestudy
Finalize Homestudy
Send Immigration I-800 form
Start Dossier papers, etc.

Stay Tuned: Our Next Fundraiser
Next up, we will be hosting an American Girl Doll Raffle right here on THIS blog and my facebook page. I'm finalizing the details of how you can get lots and lots of chances to win and help us raise lots and lots of funds! I hope to launch that by the end of this week.

Gotcha Days:
Please pray for my friends D&S as they travel to pick up their daughter in Asia this week!
Please also jump up and down & pray for our other friends who picked up their daughter in CA last week, after starting the process last fall and after infertility challenges!

Charleston Community:
There are some amazing things happening in the adoption world in Charleston.
To begin with, our Journey Together Missional Community meeting is this week.
Then on Feb 13, Dan Cruver,, is coming to host a house conference at my parent's house! Whoot! We are thrilled!
Feb 25th, Journey Together Oyster Roast at Palmetto County Park hosted by the Fatherhood Ministry.
And I'm not sure if I can share the other info yet; but it's great news for our community!
April 20-21 Together for Adoption Boot Camp
Sept 14-15 Together for Adoption Conference


  1. Can I tell you how bad I wish I had the money to cut you a check in full?!? I am praying so hard for this money!

  2. You are an inspiration! Thanks for the update!