Monday, April 30, 2012

{Lifeline China}: Let's Bring Them Home! All 3,000 of them...

I am not sure how to type this post without being emotional.I am not sure how to type this post without sharing all the information that I'm aware of.

Here is the bottom line: There is a need in China for these children to find forever families. This does not diminish the need anywhere else. But, from what I understand there are almost 3,000 children that will now be working toward proper availability for adoption. These children were in all kinds of levels of current care.

The partnership that has been granted to Lifeline is unprecedented.

This is a a miracle in adoption world.

Please help advocate and spread the word. If you know anyone who is considering adoption, please pass on this information to them.

Read the formal release below.
Contact Information: {local in Charleston}
{our caseworker in Alabama}

Friends of Lifeline,

Our Executive Director, International Director, China Program Social Workers, and two teams of distinguished Doctors and Therapists from the UAB International Clinic have just returned from China with wonderful news! Lifeline Children's Services has been granted contracts with 8 orphan homes located in Chongqing, MaoMing, SuiXi and Zhuhai. These orphan homes represent over 3000 beautiful children, all of whom we should have access to over the coming year.

Lifeline's partnership with the CCCWA is unprecedented, and we will make every effort to advocate for each of these amazing children. Lifeline, in conjunction with the social welfare institutes, are working on the first group of files, which should be ready for perusal by late June or early July. Children available for adoption extend from minor development delays to much more severe special needs.

Lifeline is preparing to return to our China homes again in July. We will direct camps, provide for additional training, and personally review the next group of children. As with all our partnering homes, we will have current pictures and videos of each child. Please assist us in advocating for these precious children as we believe each child has been created by God with purpose and deserves the opportunity of a loving, Christian home!

Please share this news with anyone you know who is considering a child from China!

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  1. Thank you Jessica! We will not leave one stone unturned in sharing about this need. It is the highest privilege that has been given to Lifeline. No other agency in the world has this kind of access, but with that honor comes a real responsibility! These kids are counting on us! It is true joy to be in the center of God's will and to be able to help bring these children home into the family that God has chosen for them! Angie