Saturday, June 16, 2012

There's No Place Like Home: A Shoe Sale!

UPDATE:: Shoes sold on June 19th for $420. No I don't know the buyer. From Florida! THANKFUL!

The little red sparkly shoes.

Waiting for our daughter on our mantel.

I whisper prayers to Jesus in the middle of the chaos every time I see those shoes.

Austin points them out to people every time they come into our home.

I actually had a similar pair of red sparkly shoes like this for my junior year {prom}. So, there is a theme to sparkly shoes already.

Ironically, those sparkly red shoes have already been turning hearts and have a story of their own. One of our family members told us that staring at that photo really had turned their hearts more and more toward this child and adoption in general.

Now, there are another pair of sparkly shoes that are coming down the yellow brick road.

A sweet sweet friend who I known have for over ten years, shared with me that she had something for me to try to sell for our fund. Thank goodness, I have one friend who rocks a pair of these faithfully or I might have been confused, when she said she had a very fancy expensive pair of shoes to sell. She left the hair salon, where we were and ran home and brought them back to me. When she pushed the box of the legendary red soled Parisian stilletos into my hands, my mouth dropped open in shock. These are truly legendary fashionista shoes. And now these incredible friend and these insanely gorgeous shoes would be part of our daughter's story.

When I left the salon, I text my friend to get pricing and options. But, we were also heading into the Mother's Day crazy and nesting and the end of the give-a-way, so I set them aside and knew I was supposed to wait a bit to sell them. I don't know. Maybe so they could sit in our home and be a part of us and our story for awhile. I don't know. But, as I am slowly coming off our resting month, I believe selling these bad boys is the first place to start back into our fundraising. We are working on our orphange fee of $7000. This goes to the orphanage that has been carrying for our daughter, or paying her foster family, etc. It also goes to care for the children who will not yet be adopted. Less than 1% of all the orphans in the world will be adopted. So, this is a fee that we are blessed to raise support for to not just help our daughter; but to also help care for other children who are our daughter's only family right now.

So, the shoes..I have them listed on Ebay. Bidding starts at $385. They are being sold "as is" and have been worn a handful of times. Retail is $895. And I've contacted Bob Ellis here in Charleston to ask their re-sole price. But, I know it's about $80 in NYC price range. They are a size 38/size 7; but you need to try on a pair like these to be sure they'd fit. They are super high!

Here is the ebay link, please spread the word to all fashionista friends::

Local, friends, if there are no bids on ebay & you want the, let me know & I'll pull the sale down. Once there are bids, the sale will need to run it's course.

We know that our paperwork is now on it's way to the Consulate here in the US. It should be back and on it's way to China within the next week. So, that means we are getting close to being ready for a referral.

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