Monday, June 25, 2012

{DTC}: Dossier to China!!!

Updates from our Previous Post from June 8 on where we are in the process!

Next Steps:: {UPDATED}::
1.Authentication (began June 4, 2-3 Weeks. Hopefully, by June 21st at latest) Completed
2. Dossier To China (DTC 2-3 Weeks)   Completed!
Sent on June 25, 2012 & Logan let our friend, Angie Rylands, who is the state director for Lifeline SC have the honor of  calling us to tell us after she helped us with what could have been a glitch and made sure our files were ready to go.

3. LID (Lock In Date- 2-3 Weeks) 
Dossier to China is DTC:: That means all of our files are officially being tracked on their way to China. Once China receives our paperwork, they "lock us into their system" and we have LID.The reason those precious letters: L-I-D mean so much to us is because we are not yet matched with a child. 
We are requesting that our daughter be under 2 years old with some of the mild correctable special needs. Most of the children under 2 years old are not going to be referred to a family who does not have their Dossier in China & Locked In (DTC & LID). They want these "babies" to be matched to families who can travel withing 5-6 months. So, we have lots of friends who already know who their child is because they are matched with an older child or a child whose file does not say "LID required", etc. So, if that didn't confuse you, just know that

LID = Referral Ready = Find out who our daughter is!
We are hoping to be LID by the end of July or we could get really crazy & pray for the middle of July! If we do, we'll be ready for the new "shared list" of babies that will become available around July 22-25.
{Prayer Requests}Keep praying with us!
* As always, please pray for our daughter, her health, those who are carrying for her, and her birth family 
* Please also pray for a special situation that we are praying through; but can't share about it yet. 
* Pray for us, please, as we live our lives as a family of 4 and that God will continue to draw us closer to Him and that we will reflect Him more and more in our family, our ministry and our for our future journey as an adoptive family
* Please pray for a quick Authenticiation, DTC & early LID date! {Um, praying for July 15th w/ me is very okay... ) 
* Please pray for our application that is with Show Hope. We will find out around the 1st week of July if we received any grants from them (We still need an estimated $14K :: about $7 6K for orphanage fee & $7K for flights, travel & final misc out of country fees, etc)
* Pray direction on our next fundraising after our fundraising rest month (which has been the end of May/June).
* Pray for wisdom on pursuing other grant applications (we have a few that we are considering after we have a referral)
* Please pray that the peace that we have had over the finances and the process of waiting will continue
* And as always, however, else you feel led... we always covet your prayers!
* Please also pray for our Journey Together leaders & team & next steps of the ministry, etc.



  1. We were blogged in within about a week of DTC, so I'll be praying you get LID BEFORE July 15! Congrats on DTC!

    1. I did NOT write "blogged in"...dumb auto correct:-) "logged" in.