Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vera Bradley Spring Sale: 100% of Sales to our Adoption Fund

So, where are we in the process?

Let me just tell you, my answer will always start with: "We are waiting on..."

Right now, we are waiting on DSS. Then we will be waiting on Immigration. Then we will be waiting on authentication of a bunch of forms. Then they will be waiting on us to write checks for about $4500 (right now, we have about $2000 of that). So, while we wait, let's have some fun! Right?!(Update 4/26: Our homestudy was apparently in the mail room for almost 3 weeks. But, I have been told it's on it's way to USCIS & our approval should be here any day. I have to admit, I had no idea it would take 8 weeks to finalize paperwork between our homestudy agency {not Lifeline} and DSS.)

A very generous collector has donated some of her very gently or never used Vera's to us to sell for our fund. She tagged them with the prices that would be found on ebay or other re-sale sites. So, I'm going with her prices. The items are yours by your comment on the blog or my facebook page. I will have to check time stamps for FB comments & Blog. But, either way, first come, first serve.  Payments can come through our "donate" button or mail us a check.

Shipping is not included in the price; but if you will cover shipping, we will ship!

Let the Spring Shopping Begin!

 Post the Photo number & item in the comments with your order or as many details as possible. 

 Photo 1: Coffee/Tea Mug w/ lid/coaster:$10

Photo 2: Vera Belt w/ Tags: Retail is $26, asking $15  Yellow black/reversible
Photo 3 & 4: Plum Petals Square Bag: $30 and back pack $35 

 Photo 5: Plum Petals Wallets $15(SOLD) and Small Wallet $10

Top Larger Wallet: $15
Bottom Smaller Wallet $10
Photo 5: Quick Draw Petals $35

Photo 7: Small Blue Yellow Coin Purse $5

Small Blue/Yellow Wallet $5.00

 Photo 8: Quick Draw Blue/Green Bag $35 (Free matching mini-address/notebook w/ purchase)

Large Quick Draw $35 

Photo 9: Solid Blue Purse $20

Never Been Used: Signature Purse: $20

Photo 10: Pink Coin Purse $5
Small Coin Purse $5

Next Week Begins our Big Give-a-Way for an American Girl Doll, a Jesus Storybook Bible DVD Curriculum and a few other goodies with a goal of raising $3,000 in less than two months! So, please subscribe to the blog or follow our facebook page: www.facebook.com/bambooandpluffmud Even if you can't support us financially, you can enter the Give-a-way!

Journey Together Donations:
Also, please know that at this time, donations over $100 can be routed through Journey Together Ministries if you would like. Yes, we get 100% of what you donate. If you are making donations under $100, you can always print off your paypal donation receipt when you donate on here, too. But, if you want to be sure your donation goes through a tax exempt non-profit, you can write a check to Journey Together Ministries and mail it to them or to us. Travis and I are founding board members, too; so, yes we trust this team!  Later in the game, it will get tricky for large donations to go through them. They only write checks to our agency. So, it might get more tricky for us.