Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Week:: Ugand Beads for Fundraising

Please check out our Bamboo and Pluff Mud Facebook page if you'd like to purchase a strand of hand-made magazine paper Uganda beads. These are not the same 147 Million beads that are on this blog. These were donated to us from friends who recently returned from Uganda while they were adopting their son. We are so thrilled to have 23 strands available. Our suggested donation is $20 for one strand or $45 for three strands. You can choose them on the facebook photos page. It is a public page, you can see it without a facebook. 

Yes, you can still order through our 147 link on our "Uganda Beads" page on here,, too. 
Also, you can use this special link to order::
If you start with that link, we'll get 30% commission on all orders!

If you have no idea why I'm saying "147" don't worry. Just stick with my facebook page. 
Thanks friends! 

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