Monday, February 20, 2012

February Fundraising: Team Carpenter (Updated)

Update: Feb 21: Adding in Beachbody Products & Pampered Chef
Update Feb 27: Kids Tshirts & Onesies by Betsy Canevari 

Remember that time when all your friends surprised you and took over your fundraising task for the week in honor of your birthday?

Yeah, that was an amazing week.

Oh, wait that is happening right now! 

My girl friends are tweeting, blogging, starting etsy shops, pressing hundred dollar bills into my hand, painting and selling their hearts out and adding a billion extra tasks to their already busy schedules to help us in our adoption journey.

My heart is so full. And I keep thinking, Princess Carpenter, do you know how loved you are? I hope so! And then I keep thanking God for reaching down and stirring the hearts of this community not just for our little girl; but for the 147 Million Orphans around the world who God has called us to defend and care for.

Honestly, I had no idea this was happening until my phone notified me through twitter, facebook and instagram that all of this is happening. None of them told me this was coming.

And truly, for a former super-organized-planner-recovering-control-freak, let me tell you how much I absolutely love people just taking over and getting things done for me. I know that sounds backward; but it's the biggest blessing. I can barely write coherent correctly punctuated thoughts to share about the joy and love that is being poured out and into our family this week.

Beachbody by Lindsay Page (all month)

Also, my friend Lindsay, aka Super Woman, mom of 4, fitness trainer, is donating any of her sales proceeds this month to our adopt fund, too! If you have been thinking about ordering or trying any of P90x or related products, you can order from her page and she's donating the proceeds to us this month. Linds is so super passionate about helping families stay healthy and about loving on her friends.

Pampered Chef from Kristen Brace (all month)

Kristen just decided to share all of her February commission with me! Whoa! So, now y'all can shop at the amazing Pampered Chef as well! Click here to use Kristen's link. Kristen and Chris have been some of our close friends since we were both pregnant with Isaac and Austin. Our daily lives don't cross paths as often; but our hearts are forever entwined. Blessed by this sweet spirit!

Ongoing Support:
The Sassy Shop by Tiffany Pate

Tiffany has been coming up with creative ways to support us for the last few months because she is extremely passionate about adoption as well. And because, well, she's just incredible,too.

Right now, this is a wonderful gift for an adopting family or a family who has suffered from a miscarriage. You can contact Tiffany about this by twitter or email. Also, did I mention she's about to have a baby in a couple weeks! Edit: Guy Lee Pate joined us last week. He's still in NICU downtown at MUSC. Please continue to pray for him. We are hoping he can come home very soon! Pray for Tiffany & Chris & Holden as they wait for their brother.
Coffee Cozies by Sarah Fontenot

Sarah has been faithfully and creatively supporting us from the beginning. God laid on her heart to support us the day she heard about our adoption. So she started making these adorable coffee cup cozies on her etsy shop for us! She blogged about us here. She also consistently writes an inspiring blog about her faith and her family at Fontenot Four. One of her daughters is medically fragile and Sarah's journey in trusting the Lord through each up and down is truly full of so much grace and support.

Kids Shirts and Onesies Designs by Betsy Canevari

Betsy was my college roommate all four years at Taylor University. We get to see each other every couple years and are so grateful for our lifelong friendship. She has recently gotten pretty crafty and creative. She has been emailing me and brainstorming some ideas ans has launched a line for Spring & Easter that will support our Fund.

The shirts are $17 and the onesies are $13.

If you are ordering from Charleston, she might try to send a few orders at a time to me to save on shipping, etc. Please check out the photo on my facebook page or email me for details or post a comment below. Adoption is also close to her heart because her sister recently adopted a child through a domestic adoption.

These are her current designs for our fund:

Final Note:
You can check out our Donate page above to see more information on contacting us about other donations or products, etc. Thank you so much for being a part of this journey.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support. We are continually being encouraged by your giving. Learning from your generosity. Being spurred on to be more like Christ from all of you! 

Last Week's Deals: 

 Here are some specials for this week: February 20-25th where all proceeds are going into our adoption fund! Thanks all! This fundraiser is over &  we are so grateful for all the orders. But, please keep ordering Truth Cards for your family! (update 2/27)

Truth Cards by Jenna Surratt

We love Truth Cards in the Carpenter home! I blogged about how our families use them here and here (on my old blog). Jenna created Truth Cards out of a passion to teach her young children the Word of God.

She and her husband have been supporting parents with their discipleship process of the next generation for over a year now. My mom thinks that these should be in every Easter basket this year!

You can also read more about Jenna and Truth Cards on one of my favorite blogs: Naptime Diaries. Jessi, thank you for sharing about Truth Cards and our adoption this week.

Sabbath in a Jar by Stacie Gregory
This fund raiser is also over. But, please keep ordering the Sugar Scrub. You will love it! (edited 2/26)

Stacie introduced this sugar scrub at our Mother's Day sleepover last spring and it was a hit. (Um, yes, I have sleepovers sometimes at my parents house when they go out of town. Hilarious. I know!)  It's is incredible for your hands or your full body. I personally love using it when I have sore muscles or joints. It is very revitalizing for your skin and all natural! And not to make anyone uncomfortable; but my husband really loves how it smells. I have all three scents.

This is an awesome gift for birthdays, mother's day, hostess gift and just a massively wonderful splurge for your Sabbath day!

Also, Stacie just set this etsy store up this week to get her product out there. She also started blogging, and I guarantee you'll want to follow her at Bon Bons and All My Children.

Premeir Jewelry Party
hosted by Katie Walters  (This Wednesday, Feb 22- Event ended)

Katie surprised me a week or so ago telling me she was hosting a party on Wednesday, Feb 22, for Premier Jewelry. 10% of the sales go to our fund. I'll admit hosting parties with products has been more challenging than other fundraisers, etc. I so appreciated that she just planned it and invited people and even knew I couldn't be there. Did I mention she's still super morning sick with (surprise) baby number 5!

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